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OFC Boxing Class

Our boxing class is HARDCORE.

You will leave in a heavy sweat.  We combine a boxer’s workout regimen with an intense cardio routine and ending with a rugged ab workout.  Our instructors possess YEARS of experience and will use their expertise to motivate and push you to the limit. We focus on boxing technique and accomodate beginners to competitors. You will train like they do and leave feeling like a CHAMPION!

Boxing class

OFC Sparring 

For those who want to take their boxing skill to the next level and get into the ring, you will be paired with a boxer and/or instructor who will work with you to practice techniques learned from the boxing class. Must have at least a month of boxing instruction. Must own a mouthpiece, sparring equipment can be signed-out at the gym. Talk to a trainer if interested in sparring.




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OFC Kids Boxing Boot Camp

Our boxing boot camp is HARDCORE.

Our trainers will teach the fundamentals of boxing and exercise. Our bootcamp boosts self-confidence and promotes well-being.  They will be put through a rigorous workout that includes running, jumping rope, sit ups and of course boxing!  (No sparring in the kids camp)

Kids Boxing Boot Camp Class Schedule

Monday 5pm
Wednesday 5pm
Saturday 10am


Carlos Castaneda

Has 10 years of boxing experience under his belt and many years of intense physical training in other sports. He has completed 10 marathons and won the 2011 Ringside World Championship Tournament. He also has several years of training newcomers and veterans in the art of boxing and background in sports event planning. Carlos is ready to use his expertise to train you like a CHAMPION.


Anthony Abbruzzese



Hector Gurrola 

Hector Gurrola started boxing in Mexico when he was 12 years old. He has competed in 30 amateur fights in California, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Chicago. Hector has also trained and played soccer professionally in Mexico, Guatemala and Chicago and continues to compete on local Chicago amateur teams. 


Danny Escudero 

Danny Escudero started boxing when he was just 14 years old. Having competed in 3 Golden Gloves tournaments and earning a record of 110-5, Danny's experience has afforded him a great amount of knowledge in the sport of boxing. He also has 10 years of experience training fighters in both boxing and mixed martial arts. 

Rick Escudero 

Rick Escudero began boxing at the age of 16. Since his boxing debut, he has competed in the Golden Gloves 5 times and has an amateur record of 60-10. More recently, he has started training both amateur and pro fighters and also enjoys running as another way to condition him for the ring. 

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